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Hello, and welcome to the San Francisco Olympians Festival website! We’ll be updating and adding to this website over the next few days and weeks! Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, here is this year’s line-up! Please join us at the EXIT Theatre this October for SF Olympians VIII!


Week One: EGYPT (10/4-10/7)

Wednesday, October 4: Divine Prince
Full Length: Horus- Jason Mendez

Thursday, October 5: Courtiers
One-Act: Thoth- Michelle Elaine Ianiro *
One-Act: Bastet- Alan Coyne

Friday, October 6: River Protectors/Desert Dwellers
Short: Heket- Vanessa Flores *
Short: Hatmehit- Patsy Fergusson
Short: Sobek- Nicole Jost *
Short: Tawawert- Erin Marie Panttaja *
Short: Wadjet- Dan Kurtz *
Short: Hedetet- Bridgette Dutta Portman 
Short: Babi- Lori Chapman * 
Short: Wepwawet- Patricia Morin * 

Saturday, October 7: Dual Divinity
One-Act: Hathor- Laylah Muran de Assereto 
One-Act: Sekhmet- Daphne Dorman * 

Week Two: MESOPOTANIA (10/11-10/14)

Wednesday, October 11: Earth
One-Act: Ereshkigal- Cynthia Hussey *
One-Act: Mummu- Kirk Shimano

Thursday, October 12: Water
One-Act: Abzu- Megan Cohen 
One-Act: Tiamat- Kendra Arimoto-Maselli

Friday, October 13: Fire
Full-Length: Ishtar- Barry Eitel *

Saturday, October 14: Air
One-Act: Shamash- Jake Rosenberg *
One-Act: Enlil- Nic Sommerfeld *
One-Act: Hadad- Jeanie Ngo
One-Act: Nanna-Sin- Barbara Jwanouskos

Week Three: LATIUM (10/18-10/21)

Wednesday, October 18: The Secret Keeper
Full Length: Janus- Sam Bertken

Thursday, October 19: Attendants of Grove And Field
Short: Flora- Meg Trowbridge
Short: Feronia- Meg Trowbridge
Short: Portunes- Tonya Narvaez 
Short: Pales- Christian Simonsen 
Short: Volturnus- Tonya Narvaez 
Short: Pomona- Stacey Matthews-Winn *
Short: Vortumnus- Stacey Matthews-Winn *
Short: Fontus- Christian Simonsen 

Friday, October 20: Queens of Temple And Hall
One-Act: Fortuna I- Neil Higgins
One-Act: Carmenta- Marissa Skudlarek 
One-Act: Fortuna II- Bridgette Dutta Portman
One-Act: Salus- Elizabeth Flannagan

Saturday, October 21: The Proto-Savior
Full Length: Adonis- Stuart Bousel

* First time writing for the festival.