Sir Gareth

Sir Gareth is a Knight of the Round Table in Arthurian Legend. He was born to King Lot and Morgause of Orkney. His mother, Morgause is the half-sister of Arthur, making her the sister of the better known, Morgana or Morgan le Fay. This connection makes Gareth related to Mordred, Arthur’s son-nephew, born from the treachery of his half-sister Morgana, who became the ultimate villain in Arthur’s story and subsequently, his killer -but that’s another subject. His brothers are Agravain, Gaheris, Gawain and sometimes, depending on the story, Mordred is a half- brother (Morgause and Morgana are often merged into one person).

Gareth was known to be chivalrous and deeply devoted to Sir Lancelot. He was the “sensitive” Knight. He bested many Knightly opponents, therefore proving himself to be more substantial than originally perceived. Sir Gareth had a strong sense of duty and honor, and it was this very perception that eventually led to his tragic ending, slain by the very Knight, he so loved and admired.

Of her play about Sir Gareth, Michelle Elaine Ianiro writes, “Who is Sir Gareth of Arthurian Legend? An easy answer is, he’s one of the Knights of the Round Table, but his story of how he became a Knight, the adventures thereafter and the incredible lineage of his family tree, is somewhat more complex. When I was given Sir Gareth as a subject to write about, I honestly didn’t know much about him. I certainly had no idea how much treachery and betrayal went down in his family, so digging deeper has been interesting. There is so much there, that honing in on one particular subject to write about was daunting for me, but having found my angle, I look forward to presenting a story of betrayal, one that is not intended, making the outcome far more tragic for all those concerned. Quite the soap opera! So, to the 2019 Olympians Festival, I say Bring it, Sir Gareth! I do love a challenge!”

SIR GARETH by Michelle Elaine Ianiro
Directed by Nara Dahlbacka
Staged Reading on November 20, 2019 at The EXIT Theatre

MICHELLE ELAINE IANIRO can add Playwright to her plethora of talents. Known primarily as an actor, singer, cabaret artist, producer and director, in the SF Bay Area. Her first full length play, ABIGAIL DREARY, was produced under Ianiro Productions at the Boxcar Theatre in San Francisco. Her thriller was met with critical acclaim- “Abigail Dreary is a haunting hoot with an authentic emotional core…” –Charles Kruger/Sf Examiner. Bitten by the writing bug, Michelle was inspired to form Ianiro Productions to further promote and produce new works from Bay Area Playwrights and to this end, she followed up her first production of ABIGAIL DREARY, with Eric Inman’s play, BOUND BY BLOOD –produced in 2012, also at the Boxcar Theatre.

Since 2012, Michelle has completed and had produced various short plays, including: ELEANOR & ME, PLANET MARS, SISTERS and SEX WITH ERIC.

Michelle has participated as a playwright, most recently with SF Playwright’s Monday Night Playground and in the past with Butterfield 8’s New Works Festival, Calaveres Rep’s Playwrights Master Class, Playwrights Center of SF and SF Olympians.

Michelle can be found any weekend, binge watching her favorite horror flicks, HGTV, hanging with the hubby and their furry children, Kodiak and Bailey, writing, and/or performing on stage.